7 Important Things a Day-Of Wedding Coordinator Will Do (That You Didn’t Know About)

A wedding coordinator takes care of crucial wedding day tasks, so you can breathe easier on your big day:

  • She assembles and sets up all your pretty decor exactly how you envisioned it
  • She greets your vendors and acts as a point of contact for them
  • She signals the DJ to play your signature song as you walk down the aisle
  • She ensures the day moves forward according to your timeline, so you never have to check the clock
  • She confirms with the caterer that your vegan guest is served his special meal

All extremely helpful things, right? But, let me tell you, she will do so much more! 

Here are seven important things your day-of coordinator will do that you may not have thought about.

  1. She will begin working with you 3-5 weeks in advance

    When you hear “day-of coordinator” you may think she magically appears on your wedding day and takes care of business. Although she’d like to think of herself as a superhero, she requires a little more planning than that!

    You’ll have a meeting with your coordinator three to five weeks out. She’ll confirm your wedding details and construct a solid timeline. She’ll be in communication with you in the weeks leading up to your wedding. Some coordinators will also confirm the timeline and delivery schedule with your vendors.

    The main takeaway: You get her expertise for more than just one day!

  2. She will coordinate your ceremony rehearsal

    Have you thought about who will direct your wedding party at the rehearsal? Fear not! Your wedding coordinator will most likely be available to lead you in practicing the processional and recessional.

    It’s also a great time for your wedding party to meet the wedding coordinator, get comfortable with her, and ask her any questions they might have about the wedding day.

  3. She will handle disruptive guests if needed

    Worried about the possibility of a guest gone wild? Your wedding coordinator will step in to avert any major disruptions if needed.

    For example: your cousin drank too much during dinner and he gets a bit too loud and aggressive on the dance floor. She can politely and discreetly escort that guest off the dance floor. Perhaps she’ll offer him a glass of water or a cup of coffee.

    Your coordinator probably already has experience with unruly guests. She will have the interpersonal skills to deal with these situations calmly.

  4. She will provide a wedding day emergency kit

    Most wedding coordinators have an emergency kit on hand to help with unexpected hiccups. Bobby pins, Advil, a needle and thread, mints and gum are among the items her trusty bag of tricks will include.

    She’ll also have items you may not have even thought of, like earring backs, extra socks, and mosquito spray. Her job is to be prepared!

  5. She will double check your seating plan and guest list

    Your wedding coordinator will want a copy of your guest list and floor plan. She’ll confirm the tables are set for the correct amount of guests.

    Of course she can assist with any seating issues your guests may have, but she will aim to prevent seating snags ahead of time. Her goal is to provide a seamless experience for your guests.

  6. She can assist with wedding photos and group shots

    Your wedding coordinator can assist your photographer if needed during photos. You may need assistance coordinating the first look – she can help with that. You may need help corralling friends or family members for group shots – she’ll do that too!

  7. She can coordinate your grand exit

    You’ve seen those stunning pictures from the end of a wedding: the ones with all the guests happily sending the newlyweds off. They’re cheering while holding sparklers or bubbles or some sort of fun prop in their hands. Your wedding coordinator can organize your guests into position for this amazing shot while handing out the props!

A day-of wedding coordinator is there to make sure you get to enjoy your day! She makes sure things run smoothly behind the scenes. You might not see everything she does, but at the end of the day, you’ll feel like everything fell into place perfectly.

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