10 Alternative Entertainment Ideas for Your 2020 Wedding

Moving forward with your 2020 wedding date?

If your answer is “yes”, you may be asking yourself this one question:

“How do I make my wedding fun without dancing?”

Well, first of all, with a little extra planning, you can still have dancing.

However, there are many other ways to provide your guests with some fun while keeping COVID-19 safety guidelines in mind.

After brainstorming entertainment ideas with our 2020 couples, we’ve compiled a list here.

Consider one or more of these 10 alternative wedding entertainment ideas for your event.

1. Socially Distanced Dancing

Let’s start with a couple ideas to make dancing safer for your guests.

One idea is to offer dancing in shifts, so guests can be spaced out on the dance floor. You can have your DJ call up one or two tables before a song. They can dance for one song or a few – that’s up to you!

Another idea is to have smaller dance floors spread throughout the venue. Each table can be assigned to a specific dance floor.

It’s important to still encourage physical distancing and masks if guests cannot distance. Consider displaying some signs or have the DJ make frequent announcements reminding your guests to be safe on the dance floor.

2. Backyard Movie

This is one of our favorite alternative entertainment ideas: A feature film after dinner!

You probably have some local vendors that offer this service. Check out Fun Flicks, which has many locations across the nation.

You can personalize this by showing a movie that means something to you as a couple. Maybe it’s the first movie you saw together at the theater or a classic rom-com that makes you feel all the feels.

Provide your guests with blankets as favors, or have your guests bring their own to sit on!

3. Table Games

Want your guests to remain in their seats? Try table games!

You can place trivia cards or Mad Libs at each table. Or, provide each table with your favorite board game.

This will allow guests to interact in smaller groups, while still being able to join in on some fun at the event.

4. Photo Slideshow

In the past, we’ve seen photo slideshows take place during cocktail hour or during speeches. We love the idea of this being more of a main event though!

What to include in the slideshow? Here are a few ideas:

-Photos of you both as children

-Photos of your time together so far as a couple, from first dates to vacations

-Photos of you with your family and friends (this will make those guests feel special too!)

5. Live Performance

Treat your guests to a live show!

Does your crowd have a big sense of humor? Hire a local comedian! (We could all use some laughs right now, right?)

Do your guests have an appreciation for performing arts? Hire a group of professional dancers!

Might your family and friends enjoy something mystical? Hire a magician!

The possibilities are vast. Think about what might interest your guests – you know your nearest and dearest the best.

6. Trivia Night

Test your smarts with a game of trivia!

If you already have a DJ, he or she may be able to provide this entertainment. Or, you can hire a designated trivia host to create the questions and facilitate the game.

Make sure to ask about ways to make this a contact-less game for your guests!

7. Newlywed Game

A great option if the two of you enjoy the spotlight.

This is an amusing game where you find out how well you know each other. You can also have one or two other couples in your group play along with you.

Here’s how to play:

Have a list of questions for the DJ to ask you both (here’s an extensive list of possible questions). The two of you each have a whiteboard to write on. One of you will answer the question and the other will guess what they think the other will answer. Reveal your answers to the crowd after every question. You get points if your partner’s answer matches your guess! Take turns on who guesses and who answers.

8. Fine Dining Experience

Do you and your guests enjoy the finer things when it comes to eating and drinking? If you’ve got some foodies in your group, consider providing a longer, more elegant dining experience.

You can offer a fancy dinner that includes multiple courses. Think about adding an appetizer course, a pasta course, or a served dessert.

Dinner can often feel rushed during weddings, so this would be a nice change of pace. And your guests will probably feel like royalty!

9. Karaoke

We realize karaoke might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But, if you know your friends and family just love belting out their favorite tunes, this could be the perfect alternative to dancing.

If the two of you enjoy karaoke, impress your guests with a duet!

To keep things safe, make sure you have supplies to sanitize the microphone between singers.

10. Lawn Games

Lawn games have been popular at weddings for many years now, but we still had to include this on the list! It works so well during these times because it keeps people outside.

Games could include corn hole, ladder ball, lawn bowing, and giant Jenga. Again, make sure to have supplies on hand to sanitize game items between use.

We know planning a wedding during a pandemic requires some creative thinking to keep everyone safe. We want your wedding to be safe and still be fun. If you have additional entertainment ideas, we’d love to hear them – feel free to share in the comments section!

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